"Gwowing" Up

He sat in my lap, letting me rest my chin on his hair. I basked in the peaceful moment, enjoying the extra snuggle time. We talked quietly for a few moments. (I'm pretty sure he was mainly trying to postpone that nap again, but I endeavored to savor the time together anyway.)

"Mom, I gotta gwow up so I can be big."

"You do? Are you sure?" I asked.

He thought for a moment, "Yeah, I have to."

"You mean, you can't be my baby forever?"

"Nooooooo. Not when I'm all gwow'd up."

I couldn't help it. I hugged him tighter and snuggled closer.
He's already putting on his own socks. Going potty. Asking to wear Daddy's ties. Buckling his shoes. Next thing I know, he'll be asking for car keys. It just happens too fast.


Monica said...

Wow....THAT cheered me up! :o/

Naw, it was typical "Caleb sweet". :o) You've got a heart-tugger there, Arlene. Makes me miss the days like that with MY little boy. (Who also grew up way too fast.)

HUGS to you both...

Laura said...

Right now Kyle is obsessed with getting bigger! He gets sad when he doesn't grow over night, lol. I want him to stay my baby forever, but it's not happening. :(

Dear Abbi said...

Aww, cherish the moments, they are so precious. :)

A Heart of Praise said...

How sweet!:)