Counting Down

It's been such a busy month, I'm not even sure where to begin with playing catch-up on here... shortened version? We took an overnight trip to Kansas City (with good friends and without kids!), had a great missions conference at church, said good-bye to some dear friends (the one thing I will forever dislike about military life), and celebrated my birthday. My handsome airman surprised me with an appointment for a relaxing massage at a local spa and a beautiful new watch. This one, to be exact.

{A little back-story on my watch: When I was about 17, my parents gave me a beautiful watch that I wore every day and loved so much. Time took its toll, however, and I finally had to say "good-bye" to it a few years ago, as it was just beyond repair. I have been wanting a new one ever since, but I have a difficult wrist size to fit, so it's been hard to find a replacement. When my honey took me to Kay's, I was completely surprised, but very excited to discover they had just what I had been looking for! *sigh* I just love my husband! :o) }

Anyway, moving along to news on the baby front -- I can hardly believe it, but we're down to about 25 days until my due date! Of course, at this point, I think I'd prefer it to be tomorrow rather than next month, but I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. With our first little man, I didn't feel nearly as uncomfortable at the end as I have with this little boy, but I guess that just goes to show that each time around, things can be different, huh? :o)
2 days shy of 36 weeks.
I can't imagine that I could get any HUGER (yeah, I think I just made up that word), but with just under 4 weeks to go, I guess I need to accept that possibility, LOL! :P We are getting excited about meeting our newest little man, that's for sure. :o) Here's to hoping he'll make a somewhat early appearance...


Kristi said...

Oh wow...you look wonderful!!! You look READY! LOL Praying for ya!


New Mom said...

You look so cute! I was wondering how things were going and I'm glad you updated :)

What a beautiful birthday present! Happy Birthday!

Amber Duvall said...

The last few weeks were always long for me too, but he'll be here before you know it! I can't wait to meet the little guy. Hopefully he'll be here when I get back to Nebraska. :-)
Love, hugs, and lots of prayers!

JenT said...

How do you do it?! You STILL look cute! :)

Laura said...

I think your belly is bigger this time around.. but it's looks so cute on your tiny little body!!! I talked to a lady at the park today and she is due at the end of April, too. So many babies being born!!! I love that our kids' birthday are around the same time! =)

Oh, i cant believe you superglued curtains togehter. I could not stop laughing, lol. Doesn't seem like something you would do. How come you didn't hot glue them? Oh, and, um, can you share pictures!?? Puhlease? :)

Arlene said...

Oh my goodness, Laura, did I say "super glue"??? Because I totally meant HOT GLUE, LOL!!!! Let's just blame the baby!