Birth Story - Pt. 1

Has it been a month since our newest little man arrived?
I haven't been meaning to completely neglect this place,
but computer time hasn't been much of a priority lately. :o)
I know some of you have been eagerly anticipating the birth story,
so your long wait is over -- I hope you'll find it as interesting
as most who've heard it first-hand have. :o)
Enough small talk. On to the story...

The day started as any other: I was half-awake when Little Man woke, came to our room, and crawled into bed next to me. It was 7:30. He smiled cheerfully and said, "Good morning, Mama!" before giving me some hugs and cuddling closely.

That's how our mornings often began, and I remember thinking that soon, it would all change. As I wondered how different things would be with 2 little men in the house, I felt a light contraction. Nothing serious, I told myself, but I couldn't help thinking maybe the baby would arrive before the weekend. Let's see, it's Wednesday morning, so maybe he'll be here by Friday? I had had contractions on and off for several days with our first, so I didn't think it would be much different this time.

After a few minutes of snuggling, we got up and started our day. Breakfast was leftover omelet with some toast, fruit, and a glass of oj. The contractions continued and were a little stronger, but still, nothing to worry about.

Eventually, I began to time the contractions, and started to think a bit differently. They were 5 or 6 minutes apart, and although I wasn't having to stop and really concentrate through them, they were not as light as before. Around 9:30, I began to think about calling my husband, just to let him know I was in early labor.

Maybe I should call Monica
(the friend who was to watch Little Man while we were in the hospital) and let her know we might drop him off sometime today. I need to pack some pjs and things for him. And while I'm at it, I should probably pack a bag for me and my airman. (Yes, I'm a little bit of a procrastinator!) I went back and forth about calling her for a few minutes, but with the contractions getting closer together and a teensy bit stronger, I decided it would be a good idea.

An hour later, I realized labor was definitely underway, and I should probably call my hubby. I dialed the number and quickly hung up. I was torn. I didn't want to get him worrying or get ahead of myself, thinking the baby would be coming soon, only for things to come to a standstill. A second later, my phone rang -- it was my husband. "What's up?" he said.

"How did you know I called? I didn't even let it ring!" As I look back, I think it was the Lord helping me out, because there was no way his phone should have shown a missed call. I talked with him for a few minutes, letting him know my contractions had been coming steadily since about 7:30 and had been continuing to get stronger. After talking for a minute, the tears began to flow; I was getting overwhelmed with the realization that this baby was coming, and he might be here by the next day! My airman was able to help me calm down a bit, and let me know he would be coming home within the next hour.

True to his word, my hubby was home around 11:20. I was in the bathtub, trying to relax between contractions, Little Man coming in and out of the room to check in on me while he was playing. I think he knew something was going on, though, of course, he didn't understand just what. Thankfully, I had finished packing up the overnight bag for the boy, so when my hubby came home, I was able to send him off to our friend's home with our Little Man.

I'll admit, my hubby was not quite convinced I was as far into labor as I said I was, and he was taking his time getting changed and getting our son ready to go. I finally managed to let him know that he needed. to. leave. Sooner rather than later would be ideal. He got the hint and they headed out the door within the next few minutes.

It wasn't too long before the water became too cold for my liking, and I slowly made my way out of the bathroom. I realized I needed to finish packing our bags, as a trip to the hospital was definitely in our near future. This baby was coming, whether I was ready for him or not.

To be continued...
Part 2


Anonymous said...

eagerly waiting part two~ Jenny Love ya

Amber Duvall said...

First of all...YAY! You are alive! I was wondering where you were. I know you have 2 babies and all now, but a whole month??? C'mon! :P
Secondly, I love me a good birth story. :D So thanks for writing it down.
Thirdly, I'm not really a suspense kind of girl. You need to write the sequel SOON woman! Although, I think I might have a *teensy* idea about how it ends. haha
Fourthly...Hmmm, does "fourthly" sound weird to you? It does to me. I tried Quatro-ly too, but that was worse. *ahem* Moving on. Fourthly, before you post the next one...Just maybe give me a quick call. I'd like to have the popcorn all ready to go before reading. Mmmmkay? Thanks. :D

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

What? How can you leave us hanging? LOL! Eagerly anticipating the next part.....

Anonymous said...

I've been patiently waiting! Thanks for posting, eagerly waiting for part 2!