Birth Story - Post Script

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It's been a month and a half since our crazy bathroom birth, and sometimes I still can't believe how it all happened. I just wanted to say that I honestly could not have done anything without the support and encouragement of the wonderful husband the Lord blessed me with.

I definitely think the Bradley classes helped a great deal; we were able to make informed decisions about things because of what we learned in class about birth and the way God designed things to happen. (And, of course, my husband was better able to redirect my thoughts when all I could do was beg for some relief with drugs , LOL!) I have never doubted my husband's love or strength, but going through labor and birth with him just reminded me of how wonderful he really is for me. I say this all the time, but I really believe the Lord knew what He was doing when He brought us together. :o)
As you can see, our little guy is healthy and happy -- he certainly loves to nurse! He is already 10 lbs. 12 oz. and it doesn't seem he will be slowing down with his growing any time soon. :o) It hasn't been an easy start for us, that's for sure. Because of our extremely quick and intense labor, our guy had quite a few problems with nursing, and things have just started working well in the past week or so. Basically, the bones that are flexible during birth did not slide exactly back into place as they should have, which limited some of his movements. It was to the point that he was causing bleeding and cracking after each feeding, and he wasn't gaining weight because he was unable to properly extract milk due to a bad latch. Needless to say, things were a little ROUGH for a bit, but we're glad to be on the right track now.
I'm so thankful we were introduced to a very knowledgeable lactation consultant soon after I realized we were having troubles. She was able to put us in touch with a doctor who specialized in CranioSacral therapy. For 3 or 4 weeks, I felt I was practically tethered to the breast pump, as I had to express milk every 3 hours to maintain my supply while we tried to figure out what was going on. After 3 visits with Dr. Joe (as he likes to be called) we're now a happily nursing pair, and I've not used the pump or a bottle in over a week -- such a blessing and relief, to be sure! Praise the Lord for putting the right people in our path. I was prepared to just pump and feed breast milk in a bottle for a year, but I'm so glad that's not going to be necessary! :o)

After having a fairly smooth nursing relationship with our first little man, I didn't realize it could possibly be so difficult to start again. It just goes to show that each birth and each baby are different. I did learn my lesson from the first time around, though, and I made sure to ask for help when I didn't know what was wrong. That's something I tell any of my new-mommy-to-be friends -- ask for help. Don't be embarrassed. (So, yes, Grace, I'm giving you and your sister the same advice!) I was too shy to ask for help with our firstborn, and I think I struggled on my own a lot more than was necessary. Thankfully, his issues were small ones and were easily overcome after a few internet searches. It would have been a lot easier on me if I had just asked for help, though, so I'm glad my husband encouraged me to do so. Have I mentioned how much I love that man? ;o)


Betty Beguiles said...

Those first postpartum weeks can be exciting can't they? LOL. So glad you are all well. :)

Mrs. C said...

Nursing can be hard work, but it sure is worth it!

Love that fat tummy on your little guy! :)

JenT said...

First of all...he is sooo cute!!!
Second...when I read about your problems with nursing, I wonder if that was the problem with DeLancey. The very same thing happened with her and I eventually gave up and gave her formula. Ohhh...I wish I'd had the wisdom that you guys had and sought help. All my friends just told me to keep working at it. Ouch! It hurt too much. It may very well have been the same problem, but no one thought to tell me to see a lactation consultant or anyone else. Well, live and learn. I'm so glad you got it worked out. Nursing is such a blessing.

Grace said...

Hey Arlene, Thanks for the advice:) I feel special that I got mentioned in your post:) I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well now. Your little guy is sooo adorable!:) It's unbelievable how quick they grow!

Anonymous said...

Glad that your new blessing arrived safely! I am always so glad to see young moms have their babies naturaly when they can. :)

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Wow! He is a growing boy! Glad to hear that you were able to get some good doctors to help out!! :D

Monica said...

Look at that FAT BOY!! :D Awww...so glad you've stuck it out! And *of course* the Lord knew what He was doing when He put you two together!! ?? :P Love you and miss EVERYONE! (But those BOYS especially!!) ;D

Jendi said...

My first child was 10 lbs 11oz at birth! :)
I whole heartedly agree about how important it is to ask for help. You don't have to struggle by yourself!
Glad the nursing is going better for you.

Vicky said...

Arlene, I'm so glad to hear things are going well! I had no idea Lincoln was having trouble nursing. I'm so glad you asked for help. :) :) And hats off to you for being so committed to nursing! Pumping and bottle-feeding round the clock are hard. Way to go, mama! :)

He is chunking up quite nicely, ha ha ha! Love it when babies get some meat on their bones and are all squishy and kissable. :)

A Heart of Praise said...

Thanks for that advice Arlene:)! I have a bad tendency to be really shy and not ask for help:) (or even ask a lot of questions from my doctor), thankfully I have a wonderful husband who encourages me to "speak up" :) if I need too.

Awww, your new little boy is adorable!:) I have a niece who is four months old; they do grown so fast! She's already 16 pounds and such a sweet baby:).