Lessons in the grocery store

I met a sweet, old man at the grocery store today.

Both of my boys were in the cart, the younger one crying loudly because it was well past his nap time, and the older one talking softly to the fruits and veggies in the cart (yes, he talks and sings to just about everything these days). I was desperately trying to glide the cart back and forth in an effort to calm the sleepy baby and simultaneously bag produce while answering my toddler's questions. It wasn't going very well.

An elderly gentleman walked by my cart and stopped to listen to the wailing infant. "I see someone's crying for his lunch," he said with a smile.

I smiled back. Then sighed and shook my head, "Actually, I just fed him not too long ago... he is just tired and doesn't want to take his nap!"

The man grinned at the 3 year old in the cart. "Well, make sure you enjoy these times while you can. They don't stay little very long, and it goes by quickly."

"Don't I know it!" I answered, as I ruffled the hair on my little man's head.

The baby didn't stop crying, but I wasn't stressed any longer. I was glad for the reminder to cherish my children while they're still in our care.

When Little Man asked me for a cookie from the sample platter, I happily split it with him -- even though he hadn't yet eaten lunch. It seems just a few days ago, he was the infant crying in the car seat, and I wanted to share a happy memory with him.

Not too much longer, and I suppose I'll be the elderly person in the grocery store, smiling as I watch a young mother with her babies... I hope I will take the time to remind her to cherish those little ones, just as that sweet, old man did for me today.


Monica Diorio said...

See why I love "old folks"?! They just have the perspective. :D

Adele said...

I just had a very similar conversation with an older woman on Saturday. It is already hard for me to believe my oldest is 7!

Mrs. C said...

What a good reminder! :)

JenT said...

Oh that's so sweet.
And I like the new layout.

A Heart of Praise said...

Great reminder, they do grow fast!

Kristi said...

I am NOT an elderly person yet, but that man is so right. I look Justin everyday and wonder where those years went when he was smaller and needed mama for everything. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't need me for anything now. And that can be a little depressing.


Brittney said...

Beautiful. I so want to cherish each day with my children. You can go ahead and remind me if you ever hear me complain. :)

Tracey said...

What a sweet reminder to enjoy each season of life with our children! Thanks for sharing this story.