"Never be ashamed of your home.
And never let your circumstances
stop you from offering hospitality."

A timely reminder for me and something with which I struggle all too often... the "perfectionist" in me has a hard time letting things go when company is on the way. Do you ever find yourself doing the same?


Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Me, too! I have a hard time with this. I go nuts when I know someone is coming over and make everyone miserable trying to make sure everything is perfect.

The Nelson's said...

Same here! It drives Nick crazy sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am the same way. I think part of the problem is the home decorating shows on HGTV. Everything looks like a magazine instead of like real people live there.

Because this is something I struggle with I've given it some thought and I think the root of this problem (at least for me) is the sin of pride. Instead of being focused on serving and being hospitable I'm concerned with how my house looks and what they'll think about how my house looks and the food being perfect.

Pride is an ugly thing....

Anonymous said...

Got your card and photo, great too. Ihave never used http
Stuff before. With help from Dawn I'm getting there.