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Well, it's the first of twenty, so here we go...
Post a recent picture and write 15 interesting facts about yourself.
Pumpkin Patch Oct '10 
1.  I'm very sensitive to fragrances.  We don't use fabric softener, dryer sheets, scented candles, and even have to be careful about which conditioner I use {among other things} because I'm prone to terrible headaches and nausea if I'm around strong scents for much longer than a few minutes.

2.  I took piano lessons from when I was about 6 until I was 17.  I was never very good at music theory, so I mostly stuck to classical music (which I love). 

3.  I love to declutter.  It always feels so freeing to me!

4a. I have OCD tendencies. {Some of you are shocked, I know. :P}  For example: I *really* don't like when the volume on the tv/cd player is set on an uneven number.  If I can get the remote, I will change it -- but I always change the volume in increments of two.

4b. I'm not going to explain how I get around that when the volume is stuck on an odd number, but yes, I do have a certain way of doing that. 

5. I intentionally try not to step on bumps, cracks, or other differing surfaces/textures on the ground.  Mainly because if I step on it with one foot, then I *have* to step on it with the other, and will often short-step myself to make sure I step on it in the same spot on my other foot.  (I told you I have OCD tendencies...)

6. I can't sit "Indian style."  Instead, I sit with my legs/knees bent backward and my feet behind me.  If that makes any sense.

7. I really don't like when people refer to Thanksgiving Day as "Turkey Day" -- it's not the turkey's day!  It is the day in which we set aside time with family and friends to give thanks to God for all His blessings... and we {usually} happen to eat turkey.  But that doesn't make it Turkey Day.

8. When I get too cold, my wedding rings slip right off of my finger. Which can be a very bad thing, considering how much I talk with my hands -- the rings have gone flying a time or two! (thankfully, I've always noticed fairly soon after they came off.) 

9.  With both of my boys, I craved "mexican" food throughout my pregnancy.  With the first, I wanted Taco Bell all the time.  With the second, I wanted Chipotle... okay, and with him I also wanted Culver's vanilla frozen custard hot fudge sundaes.  It's amazing I didn't gain more weight than I did!  

10. Sometimes, I am most motivated to clean when I'm in my pj's and really should be getting ready to go somewhere.  It drives my husband crazy -- he often has to remind me: "Um, Baby, we need to leave soon, remember???"  "Huh? Oh, yes. Right. I'm going." Why I sometimes can't seem to find that same motivation when we have nowhere to go is beyond me. 

11. When I was in high school (okay and college, too), I would *always* write my term papers the day before they were due.  Always.  And I can't think of a single time I got a bad grade on them. 

12. I am a procrastinator. But, I guess you could have figured that from #11.

13. At one point, when I was first getting to know My Airman, I used the word "obnoxious" to describe his behavior.  {In my defense, he is a very different person now than he was when we first met.}  He still likes to tease me about this sometimes. 

14. I was 21 before I ever tried asparagus (which doesn't sound super interesting, except when you consider that I had eaten cow tongue and other "abnormal" things before I was even 14). 

15. I am a "regifter" and I am not ashamed.  If I feel someone else will love an item (that is in excellent condition!) much more than I will/do, then I have no qualms about wrapping it up prettily and allowing them the pleasure of enjoying it.


Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

What? You are OCD? Get out! LOL! ;) Loved getting to know you even more. I didn't know you were sensitive to smells. That stinks! LOL, no pun intended!


My Bright Corner said...

I loved reading this! I had to crack up about your OCD tendencies. I have my own oddities, too....well, in fact, we all do which makes us unique. :) And I'm a re-gifter, too. Some people think it's wrong or ungrateful but I'm not one of those peoples.

Amber Duvall said...

Odd numbers are the devil. I hate them too.

Sarah said...

I don't think you have OCD "tendencies"!! LOL You ARE just OCD!! But I love it because if you weren't what could I tease you about??? ;-)

Rachel said...

With the exception of number 13 and number 14... I could have written this about myself! Ah... we are too much alike. Maybe it's good we've never met because we are *too* much alike! :) One other minor exception... I think I like odd numbers better than even, but not in all situations. If something goes to 5, then I like it to be set on 3 (exactly halfway), etc. But I understand what you are saying about even numbers as well. I wrestle with myself over which numbers I like better. ;)

Laura said...

LOL.. I am the same way with the numbers on the sound system. Brandon always has it like on 17 or 19.. and I always change it to 18 or 20, lol. He doesn't know that it bothers me though, lol. I try to keep stuff like this a secret, hahaha..

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on #1 and #15. I don't get nauseous with scents but I sneeze, my throat gets scratchy and my eyes start twitching. It's hard because I used to REALLY LOVE perfume but now I can't wear it.

And I think re-gifting is perfectly fine. Why waste something that you can't use if it will bless someone else. And besides once a gift is given it is up to them to decide what they wish to do with it.

I wanted to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.