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Post a picture of you and your friends.
Well, no promises that these will be good (or even recent) pictures of me and my friends, but they are pictures nonetheless!  :o)

First, I am happily married to my best friend.  I don't know how he has put up with me for over half a decade now...  {I love you, Babe!}
My childhood best friend has stuck with me for longer than my honey has.  Even though we have been many many many miles apart since we've grown up and started families, we remain sisterchicks through and through!  {Miss you, Lau!}
The Lord has been good and blessed me with other dear friends who can handle me and my weirdness, and I'm so thankful for them!  (Confession: I may or may not resort to bribery with yummy meals and sweet treats... it is possible that the aforementioned friends have threatened abandonment if said treats are discontinued.  :P)  
Well, whaddayaknow?  Apparently, I have more friends than I even have pictures of -- just more proof that I am truly blessed.  :o)


A Heart of Praise said...

How wonderful friends are:). Enjoyed looking at the pictures!

Laura said...

Who are the other two in the picture? I know Sarah.. but I like to put names to faces. =) Miss you! When are kids get older.. we need to take a yearly girls weekend away, k? Just us. :)

JenT said...

Nice pictures.

Arlene said...

Lau, from left to right -- Nicole, me, Fe, and Sarah. :) Miss you bunches, and can't wait for a girls weekend! :~D