Gift of the Printed Page

Gutenberg Bible Image Credit
"There is a kinship, a oneness that yokes a reader and his book in a way technology has not achieved.  A book is a true yokefellow that affords an intimate privacy for its reader.  It shuts out all else.  The printed page can teach any subject and travel to any destination.  And always, it bids you come.  To those early scribes and Herr Guttenberg and his press we must ever be grateful.
The greatest gift of the printing press was and is the Word of God."


JenT said...

How appropriate that it was the first thing printed on the printing press, too.

Southern Sunrise said...

So true; thanks for sharing!

Adele said...

We just saw the Gutenberg Bible at the Library of Congress last week. Very neat!

Kristi said...

Amen! Very good post, especially since the KJV celebrates it's 400th anniversary this year.