Birthday Boy Questionnaire

In honor of a certain Little Man's birthday this month (and after seeing this fun idea on my friend's blog), I decided to put up a questionnaire.  I thought the grandparents and other family members would be interested to read the answers given.  Enjoy! :o)

What is your favorite color? Um, red.

What is your favorite food? Bread.  {Well, I love bread, too.}

What is your favorite animal? Giraffes!

What is your favorite TV show? Franklin!

What is your favorite movie? Memo! (Finding Nemo)

What kind of music do you like?  *thinking* I know -- the song when Dragon lost Frank (the firefly's) glasses {on an episode of Miss Spider}.
Also, I know what kind of cooking show I like: Rachael Ray. {LOL, I did NOT ask him that or tell him what to say!}

What are you really good at?  My racecar game. {a new Cars game he bought with his birthday money.}

What are you not so good at? Um, hmmm... I'm not so good at my elephant game. (Elefun)

Who are your best friends? Um, Isaac, Jocelyn, Jadyn, Leah, Natalie, Celeste, Ellen, and there's one more -- Mushu (the last 4 girls' dog).

What is your favorite thing to do at home? Do sticker books and do my learning books.

What do you want to do when you grow up? Put out fire!

If you had a lot of money, what do you think you would buy? Mmmm... a Buzz Lightyear rocketship game!  {He saw that at the store last night, but didn't have enough money to buy it.}

What is the best thing about your mom? Um, I love her.

What is the best thing about your dad? Um, I love him.

Tell me something that is really funny: When Leah said, 'He needs to get in his two-seat' when I was getting into the car seat! {Guess I have to ask my friend Monica (Leah's mom) about that story.} 

What is your favorite thing to wear? Church pants and shirt.

What makes you cry? Spankings.  {Those always made me cry, too.}

What does love mean? God!  {Good answer.}

What are you afraid of? Um, sharks!

What is something Mom always says to you? Obey.  {Haha, very true.}

What makes Mom happy? When I obey.  {True as well.}

What is your favorite toy? Monster trucks.

What do you like to sleep with -- doll, blanket, etc? My Packers blanket.  {His father will be proud.}

At what age do you become an adult? Fourteen.  {Boy, is he in for a rude awakening when he turns 14.}

If you could change one rule in our house, what would it be?  Getting spankings.  I mean, not spankings -- I wanna change toys.  {"Change toys to what?" I ask him.}  To MORE toys!

What is something that makes our family special? A secret.  {Guess I won't tell, either.}

How would the world be different if animals could talk? Um, I'on't know. 

If you grew up to be famous, what would you want to be famous for? Making animals.  {Okaaayyy...}

What is the hardest thing about being a kid? The hardest thing of being a kid is that I can't remember when I can get the game out of my closet.  Because I forget when I ask you, and you say yes, then I stand up and then sit down the whole time, then you say, 'Aren't you goin' to get up and get a toy?' and I can't hear anything. Then, that's when I forget.  {Sometimes, it's really hard to keep up with the way he thinks, LOL}

If you were a teacher and the kids in your class wouldn't listen, what would you do? Turn off the light!  Because that's what Miss Tabetha {Sunday School teacher} does when we're being loud.

Where is your favorite place in the world? Um, Africa!

If you could travel back in time 3 years and visit your younger self, what would you say? Hello!  {That makes sense.}

What word describes you? Bear!  {Hardly -- unless he means sweet as a teddy bear. :P}

If you could make one rule that everyone else in the world had to follow, what would it be? Say 'ribbit' like a frog!  {Well.  Alrighty-then!}


Amber Duvall said...

So sweet!!!! I love his answers. :D I can't believe he's already 4 years old...(Only 10 more years before he's a full grown adult. haha)

Jessica said...

I loved this Arlene. Thanks for putting it up here for us to read. :) A couple of his replies made me laugh out loud.

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Love his answers! He is so sweet! :)

Kristi said...

Blogger needs a *like* button. LOL This questionnaire nearly got me in trouble. When Bruce gets home from work and has showered, he'll have his devotions. So the whole time he's having devotions, I'm over here snickering and giggling, during a time I am usually very quiet.
This was so cute, Arlene. I hope you put that in a book and do it every year too! It would be interesting to see how his answers change through the years.