How to make a difference...

"As of April 2011 (Happy Birthday!), the King James Version has been with English-speaking people for 400 years!  That ought to tell anybody with a brain which one is the real Bible!!!  Preaching and following the real Bible is the most-needed thing for making a spiritual difference in our generation!"
~Al Lacy 

A "gem" of a quote taken from an article in a Baptist Times publication... the last edition I'll help with proofing as our pastor steps down as Editor and another pastor takes over the job.  Somewhat bittersweet for me, I think.  It was stressful and fun and challenging all at the same time.  Definitely been a good experience for me, though.  :o)


A Heart of Praise said...

I agree:), thanks for the quote.

Mrs. C said...

Wonderful quote!

P.S.- Bro. Lacy is a good friend of ours. He was a member of our church while he lived here in Florida, and his daughter's family have been with us for many years. They are all such sweethearts!