New Additions

Nearly six years ago, we were living in a little eight-plex apartment building.  {We were in the far-right, second floor, for those who might be interested.  :o)}  Newly-wedded, we had little furniture to call our own: a mattress, two box springs (yes, our bed was on the floor for a few months), a TV, and a computer hutch made up our belongings.  Eventually, a lot of borrowed furniture from the FMO (a couch, wing-backed chair, coffee table, dining table/chairs, desk, dresser, and a night stand) helped make our empty apartment feel more like a home.  

Then, one day, there was a knock on our door.  I opened it, expecting to see My Airman, but instead I found myself face to face with the arm of a couch.  Big.  Bulky.  Faded.  
"Where do you want it?" the two men {from our church} asked as they maneuvered their way into the living room.  Wide-eyed, the smile frozen on my face, I struggled to comprehend the question.  

"Here's a good spot.  Okay, see you later."  

"Wait, wait, wait.  What's this?"

"Your husband didn't call you?"  

A shake of my head.  A couple of smirks and knowing looks were exchanged between the men.  "We told him... well, he'll explain when he gets home."  And then, they were gone.  Leaving behind this monster of a couch that had seen better days. 

I was so confused... and upset... and mostly confused.  My mind raced at full speed until my husband returned.  He walked through the door and immediately, the questions began.  "Why is this in our house?  Where did this come from?  When can you get it out of here???"

Suffice it to say, the conversation that ensued quickly become one of the first H-U-G-E arguments of our married life.  Turns out, he helped a family in church as they brought in new furniture and decided we could use the couch.  I, on the other hand, had been thinking we were going to buy new furniture at some point.  So when this piece made its way into our living room -- and did not match the decor I had in mind {not. at. all.} -- and when My Airman didn't call to prepare me for the delivery that was about to be made... well, let's just say it was not pretty.

Thankfully, this story is one we can laugh about now.  And, yes, I've admitted to my honey that he was right.  If we hadn't taken that loveseat (which later turned into a set when the family gave us the matching couch), we would have had nothing in our living room when we moved Stateside, and we would have likely gone out and bought the cheapest thing we could afford.  (Which probably wouldn't have been very pretty, seeing as how we were on Senior Airman pay at the time.)  
A few years later, I purchased some slipcovers, which made the couch design more appealing to me, and allowed us more time for searching and saving.  But this year -- last month -- we finally did it.  We went out and bought some new couches!  Brand-new!  Not used!  Neutrally-colored!  And oh-so-comfy!  And paid for in cash!  Why yes, I am excited.  How did you know?  ;o)

Next on the list: new pillows (the included pillows don't match), a soft throw, and "scootching" those mirrors over so they're centered.  But at least I don't have to worry about tucking slipcovers in every day anymore. {And I promise they're the same color; the shadows are making them look different.  Maybe I'll change the picture out for another one later, but this will do for now. :o)}
So, question for ya: What was the first big argument you had that you and your honey laugh about now?  :o)


ktkelting said...

Okay, so this isn't about an argument but it is about a couch. Daniel and I had been married for about a month, I think and, like you, we had hardly any furniture like you guys. It was really bothering me so I searched and searched craig's list until I found something I thought was nice and fit our budget. I finally found one that was just the color, size, and style I had imagined. It turned out that the couple was selling the sofa/loveseat so that they could go on a vacation. They had had it... four months... I think. Anyways, not thirty seconds after they delivered the sofa, and I promise I am not exagerating, Daniel turned around and said, "okay, now it has to pass the ultimate test." He ran and jumped on the love seat... **PLOP, CRACK*. Needless to say, the couch failed the test. He broke one of the supporting beams in the couch. I wasn't mad... a little irritated, but not mad. He fixed it right away, but its been a running joke ever since.

Mrs. C said...

Hmmmm... I can't remember what our first big fight would have been. I definitely remember when I told him he didn't have to get me anything for our 1st anniversary, so he didn't. He thought I meant what I said. He learned. :)

I'm so happy you were able to get brand-spanking-new furniture. Enjoy! :)

Jendi said...

They are beautiful! Our most expensive couch set so far cost $200. I'm still dreaming of a new set, but we've had nice ones. My husband is actually pickier about them than I am.

During our first big argument I locked myself in the bathroom while I was sobbing and hollering. I didn't notice that the hinges were on the outside of the door. My husband just unhinged the door and came in. :)

Sarah said...

Can't wait to come over and check out the new furniture!! And you know our first argument! :-)

Roanne said...

I like the new couches, Lene! They look very comfy, and they're definitely a lot more your style. Though I don't think your old one was THAT bad! =) Our first couch came from one of Dan's coworkers garage. It was this hideous beige color with diffirent size brown stripes and had a hole in the underside big enough that Daisy would actually crawl through it when she was a puppy. LOL We didn't get our nice, brand-new ones until months later. Good times!