Summer Fun

It's been quiet in my little online space lately, hasn't it?  
We've enjoyed a busy summer around here thus far.  Between visiting in-laws, dear friends flying over for a visit (to include staying up past 2 a.m. nearly every evening! Don't worry; we put all the kiddos to bed at a decent time. :P), Vacation Bible School preparations underway, and -- oh yes -- making plans to go sky diving with My Airman!!! -- that all seems to add up to no time for new blog posts.  

I'm sure you're all busy with your own summer fun yourselves, so I doubt I've been missed too much.  :o)
Fill me in: how's your summer been going?  Any wild and crazy plans like mine?  
{I'm really not joking about the sky diving.  Tentatively scheduled for August 20, 2011.  Really.  And I promise to post pictures.  Anyone care to begin praying for my sanity (and our safety) now?  LOL}

Update: September 10, date is confirmed!


Sarah said...

I think it's too late to pray for your sanity. LOL!! :P It HAS been a fun summer. And so much of it we have got to spend with you guys so that has made it even better. But I won't be sharing in the excitement of sky diving....you're on your own there! :)

Arlene said...

Hey, Sarah, it says SWEET thoughts -- not sarcastic, hehehe! :P I know you love me, though, so you're excused. ;)

The Nelson's said...

I think thats so awesome y'all are going SkyDiving! What an adventure together. If you like it and I tell Nick..I might be pressured into it more as its something Nicks talked about too!

Jendi said...

I'd love to go sky diving! May you have a safe and fun trip.

A Heart of Praise said...

Sky diving? Sounds interesting lol! I think I would be scared stiff if I tried doing something like that! Looking forward to hearing how it goes :).