12 by 2012

I saw this over at The Small Things Blog and thought it would be a good way for me to get motivated about some goals before the end of the year.  Sort of like New Year's resolutions.  Only it's for goals I'd like to achieve before the end of the year... so I guess that means it's not really like a New Year's resolution at all.  But, whatever.  I digress.  Here's my list:

1.  Finish the 20 posts I started (I know; I didn't even get halfway.  I'm pathetic! lol)  I'm totally counting this post as a short-term list of goals for the month, so at least I can cross one more off of the list!

2.  Make final decisions for home decorating redo.  I'm helping a friend with a nearly complete overhaul of the living room, family room, and bedroom (ambitious, aren't we?), and we are needing to make a little bit more headway on this if we want to have everything finished before Thanksgiving.  {You can see some thoughts, color schemes, and inspiration ideas pinned here.}

3.  Clean out fridge -- top to bottom!

4.  Make homemade poptarts.  {pinned here.}

5.  Purchase remaining Christmas gifts (4 3 more...).

6.  Go sky diving!  (This Saturday!!!)

7.  Update Will (Thursday -- yes, that's before we sky dive lol!)

8.  Bake reindeer cookies with Little Man.  {pinned here.}

9.  Book family picture appointment.  

10.  Mail Christmas cards and presents.

11.  Plan a surprise date night for me and My Airman.  

12.  Make another batch of spaghetti sauce.

What do you think?  Kind of a boring list, huh?  :/  That's how I roll, I guess. LOL
Will you make a list, too?
Tell me if you do.  I'd love to read it!  :o)


Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

I think that's a fantastic list and not the least bit boring. We all have our own little ideas of things we'd like to get accomplished.

I've been doing a 31 days series [...and missed three days, ahem!] but my goal is to do things I've been putting off + things that are a challenge to me. I've really enjoyed it and am getting things crossed off my list which is always a positive. :)

A Heart of Praise said...

I enjoyed reading your list. This sounds like a great idea! I might just have to do it. Only I think I would have more then 12 things I need to get done, but hey it's a start right?:)

Jessica said...

I see 'sky-diving' crossed off. I've been trying NOT to totally freak out for THREE days ...... I did not get 'the' phone call! Can't wait to hear the story. :)

Jessica said...

ok - just checked my e-mail ... BUT in my defense, it wasn't a phone call! haha Glad you made it to the ground safely. Wish I would have checked my e-mail earlier so the line about no more worrying would have applied. Almost started asking prayer for ya'll in church. haha

Roanne said...

Hmm...What's pininterest? Whatever it is, I like what I'm seeing...

Grace Robideau said...

So how did the skydiving go? You are WAY braver than me! Flying is bad enough...lol! Hope you had a fun time with you hubby though:)

Bethany M said...

Where's the blog post on the sky diving experience?!? :o)