Well, this post is a long time in coming -- perhaps I should start by saying "I'm sorry" to those who have emailed/commented wanting to hear about the jump!  It has been a busy, busy fall season, and here we are heading into the Christmas season.  I figured if I didn't get this up now, there'd be no telling when I'd post it!  :o)

I am a home-body.  Book-lover.  Play-it-safe kinda girl.  I will admit, I'm a huge fan of the INdoors!  :o)

I am not much of a risk-taker or dare-devil (my younger brother got that gene).   I've never been a thrill-seeking type of person.  I don't have a lead foot or a "need for speed."  I haven't been to a theme park in years -- roller-coaster-junkie I am not.  Even the ferris wheel goes too fast and too high to my liking.

So, what possessed me to go sky diving with My Airman?  I may never know.  

But when he came home from a motorcycle ride with friends and told me about the huge group they saw "taking over the skies"... well... something came over me, and I said, "We should go, Babe!"  (Which, incidentally, made him really excited because he was working out a way to ask me to go with him anyway.  Now he didn't have to try to convince me.)  I figure I'm allowed one ridiculously crazy stunt in my life, right?  And if having a baby in the hospital bathroom doesn't count, then jumping out of a perfectly good airplane definitely does. 
Before the jump
The weather wasn't really so great the day was went for our jump, and from 9,600 feet up, it was worse.  I was freezing!  I thought I would be terrified when the door opened and I stuck my foot out on the {impossibly tiny} little ledge, but I wasn't.  I think I wasn't thinking anything, really.  As soon as we jumped out of the plane, I felt as if hundreds of tiny daggers were stabbing my face -- it was the raindrops pelting me as we fell at speeds over 130mph.  We had a free-fall for about 30 seconds before the jump instructor deployed the shoot.

I have to say, tandem skydive is the way to go for first-timers!  Even though they gave us all kinds of instructions before we headed out to the little plane (and I do mean little -- we were practically sitting in each others' laps on the floor of that plane LOL), there is no way I would have been able to do everything on my own. 

Honestly, everything happened so fast that I can hardly remember the details of partsI was so disoriented and couldn't really figure out which way was up or down at one point.  One little thing I do remember:  I did not like it when the instructor had us do a little spin with the 'chute.  Felt too much like those little tea-cup rides that go around and around... and have I mentioned that I get motion-sickness somewhat easily?  :/  LOL, sometimes I still ask myself, "What was I thinking when I said I would go skydiving???"  

After the parachute was open, it was a slow, steady descent to the ground... a little too slow for my tastes.  I could feel my arms falling asleep from being in the upward position for so long lol!  It was neat to see everything from so high up, though.  As a person who is absolutely afraid of heights, I actually didn't have a problem with that part.  Weird, I know.  The landing was nice and soft, and boy was I glad to be done!  ;P  
After. We did it!
If you had asked me after the jump if I would go again, I would have been adamant that it was a one-time deal!  Actually, I did say that to several who asked me.  But now that I've had time to think about it and rehash it all over and over again... I really can't say that I would *never* go again.  I have a little bit more confidence now and know what to expect, so I feel as if it could be better the next time.  Go ahead; call me crazy.  I know you're thinking it.  LOL

I wish I had a bunch of pictures to show from our outing, but since I was kinda holding on to the parachute straps, I didn't really have any free hands.  :P  I should have thought to take some after we got our gear on, but I was too distracted... I was about to get on an airplane and jump, you know?!  Pictures weren't my top priority lol.  ;o)  

We did pay extra for video of the jump, so that's probably another reason I didn't really take any.  Unfortunately, the last bit (with my jump!) ended up turning out horribly blurry, so we can only see the first part of My Airman's jump (the owner didn't charge us for the video we did get, since the last part was ruined, so that was a blessing).  Ah, well.  Such is life.  At least I can say "I did it!" and know it's a story to tell the kids and grandkids.  :o)  

Who knows?  I may just convince myself to give it another try some day.  My Airman's already talking about going again next year.  I might even like it a little better if the weather is a bit more cooperative. 


Sarah said...

I'm going to go ahead and say it, "You are crazy!!" LOL!

Grace Robideau said...

You're so brave! The only way anyone could get me to jump out of a plane is if it were going down lol!:) ...I'm sure your husband loved having you go with him:)

Mrs. C said...

You are one super-brave woman! I can't imagine how exhilarating that must have been. So glad you got to do the jump, stayed safe, and made a memory of a lifetime. :)

Bethany M said...


Lisa said...

Wow! What a story! It's great to hear that you are making wonderful memories together...even if it means jumping out of perfectly good airplanes!

Also, thank you both for your service to our country! May God bless you!

In His Service,