It's been entirely too long, and I guess it's about time I update my poor, lonely, neglected little blog...

:: A certain Little Man recently celebrated his FIFTH birthday!  I can hardly believe it myself!  We surprised him with tickets to Disney on Ice. 
We also marked the occasion with Angry Bird cupcakes (a HUGE hit with the kids and adults alike!).
::  My Airman surprised me with a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  {Sometimes I wonder that he isn't playing Angry Birds on it more than I am reading... but I am enjoying it all the same! ;o) LOL}

::  About a year after we were married, we bought a dining table and chair set from some friends who were PCSing.  The seats kinda needed re-covering then, but I put it off... and off... and off... until I finally re-covered them last week.  They look so. much. better.  Seriously, why did I put it off for so long?! (six years... that should win me some sort of procrastination award, huh?)  We were talking about getting a new table and chairs this year, partly because the set is about 10 years old, but I realize now that it was mostly the chairs that were showing so much wear.  We're glad to be putting off that big purchase, and it's nice to know we can keep that money in savings for a few years yet.  :o)

::  One of my earliest Pampered Chef purchases was a cookie scoop -- definitely in my top favorite kitchen tools!  I use it for making cookies (<-- truly one of the best chocolate chip cookie recipes in the world!), shaping meatballs, scooping ice cream for ice cream cookie sandwiches, even removing the core out of halved apples.  Anyway, after 6 years, it finally "gave up the ghost" on me (right in the middle of a cookie scooping session!).  I was so sad.  :'(  But thankfully, a friend had an online show shortly afterward, and I am happy to say I am no longer without my beloved scooper!  :o)
My poor, broken scooper
"Secret ingredient" chocolate chip cookies

::  I think I forgot to mention that I was inspired by this cut a while back and chopped my hair... it's a little longer than this now, but anyway, thought I'd put up a picture for those who aren't around to see.
::  I started up my 30 Day Shred workouts again last month (Yes, I "fell off the wagon" shortly before the Christmas season... and who wants to start again then when you can wait until the new year? LOL).  I've actually been doing fairly well with keeping up, though I haven't quite gotten up to doing them 5 times a week yet.  I think I'm almost ready to move to level 2 (I have the first level memorized by now and can complete it with the sound off these days lol).
::  Another one of my Christmas presents from My Airman was a box of Vosges chocolate truffles.  We put the kids to bed a little early one night and enjoyed a chocolate tasting session together (with crackers, apples, and sparkling cider to "cleanse our palate" between truffles).  Yum!  *sigh* I do love My Airman.  :o)

::  We had our family pictures done shortly before Christmas.  A pastor's wife from a church a little ways away has started branching out her photography business, so we took advantage of a great deal she was offering to our homeschool group.  I'm really happy with how the pictures turned out!  :o)



Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Thanks for sharing pictures! It's good to "hear" from you. Also, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today...I didn't even know you were a reader. Your sister-in-law, Jessica came to college one year before me. :)

The Nelson's said...

I have been wondering about you! Hehe. Glad all is going well and those boys are so big and handsome! Nick and I used to go to Disney on ice a lot, now with kiddos we haven't been but we should make a point to go soon! I think B would love it!

Lisa said...

Your blog is such a blessing! I must admit, Angry Birds has been a real hit at our house as well. We have an Angry Birds mug, Angry Birds shirts, and more than a few stuffed Angry Birds!

I am especially thankful that you are a military wife who loves her family and her God! You are a special breed.

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

I have missed you, Arlene, so when you commented on my blog today I was so *excited*!

I LOVE your hairstyle, it looks so lovely and effortless.

And you have a beautiful family.

I hope you will be able to blog a bit more often......

Lois Brown said...

Ahhh! I've missed your blog! I love the haircut and the pictures! Did your dad tell you that I will be visiting Japan in like two days? Unfortunately, the trip won't allow me to stop and visit this time, but I do plan on visiting them hopefully before the end of the year. Anyway, I'm glad that you are back up and running...and, btw, those angry birds look good enough to eat! Lol! <3 ya, Cuz!

JenT said...

I've missed you! Well, I could always just email. :P Sorry. Anyway, glad to see an update. My own blog has suffered lately, but I just posted a sweet pic tonight so hopefully it will pick up some more.