Snack Time

If you didn't grow up in Japan (or were never around any oriental grocery stores), you've probably never experienced the delight of these koala cookies... and boy, did you ever miss out!  :P
Image credit: Animecastle.com
A few times a year, my parents send a goody package filled with yummy treats from Japan.  Ji-Chan and Ba-Chan ("Grandpa" and "Grandma" in Japanese) are very popular around here -- especially because of these tasty little chocolate-filled crackers!  :o)

Seeing these always brings back good memories of life in Japan, and it makes me smile to know that my boys can have a little "taste of home" experience, too.  The little koala cookies were some of my favorite snacks.  Yum, yum!  The boys' smiles definitely say "Thanks, Ji-chan and Ba-chan!"


photo:britt said...

Oh my, your boys are getting so big!!! What little cuties.

A Heart of Praise said...

Those cookies look yummy! I can always use more chocolate :). Your little men are so cute and getting big!

JenT said...

Sometimes I really miss Japan. *sigh*

Kari said...

This is so cute! Love those koala cookies! Oishii :D