It Never Gets Easier

And so it has begun.  We are officially counting down days until our Airman returns.  I always tell myself: "It will be easier this time around," but it's never true.  It's always harder.  

The last few weeks and days leading up to his flight out were more difficult for me this time around.  I can't decide if it's because of the baby on the way (and the hormones and emotions that go along with that), or if it's because of just how long we've actually known about this deployment (sometimes knowing so far ahead of time really is more of a burden than a blessing).  

Regardless, I was somewhat of an emotional wreck much of last month.  I was worried that after My Airman left, I'd be rendered completely useless, but somehow (by God's grace, I'm sure), I've done surprisingly well with very few breakdowns.  
We managed to get in some pictures just before his departure (and we were even smiling!), so I thought I'd share a few here.  Waiting at the airport was pure torture, but somehow we endured.  I'm so glad for the allowance the TSA has made for military families in allowing non-flying family members to go through the security checkpoint(s) and wait at the gate before boarding time.  Those last few minutes are hard to get through, but oh-so-worth-it.  

 A round of kisses. A flurry of hugs. A sea of tears all around. Sympathetic looks from onlookers. A parting kiss. And then, with a final wave and a blowing of kisses, he was gone.  
 Now if only the time would stop dragging...


Mrs. C said...

I will sure be praying for all of you during this difficult time. Thank joy SO MUCH for the sacrifices your family is making to help keep mine safe. :)

Kari said...

Deployments are the hardest...we always rejoiced when we realized we had reached the halfway point and our "time until he gets back" was smaller than the "time he's been gone." <3<3<3

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

I cannot even imagine what you are going through with the separation. Many thanks to your husband for serving our country and to you, his faithful wife, for going through this difficult time so we can be free.

I'm in a long-distance relationship -- my boyfriend lives in Zambia. Ugh. So hard. I thought this second separation would be "easier." HA. I'm not even holding out hope that the last separation will be any easier, either!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you! I hope it goes by quick, though I'm sure some days will crawl. Does he get to come home for Christmas for a bit? ~Sam

A Heart of Praise said...

That must be so difficult, I can't even imagine! The longest I've been away from Graham was around two weeks. He is gone on a farm trip for a week right now, and I miss him so much already. Praying for you during this hard time!