Saying Goodbye

It seems I'm having to say too many "goodbyes" these days.  

We put my sweet Abby-girl to sleep yesterday.  We recently discovered she had been fighting a very aggressive oral cancer that was rapidly progressing and causing her much pain.  We fought as best we could, but sadly, the ultimate answer was to end her suffering.  The vet said it was up to me whether we wanted to wait until after Christmas or do it before.  After much deliberation, we decided sooner would be better.  She was beginning to have trouble eating and was staying in hiding more and more as each day passed.  Not to mention the fact that waiting until after Christmas would mean there would be little to occupy Little Man (okay, and me too) and giving him more time to dwell on such sad thoughts.  
I dreaded the conversation with Little Man, and although he cried long and hard, he took it surprisingly well (he amazes me with his maturity sometimes -- so strong for a five year old!).  A dear friend went with me to the vet, so I'm glad I did not have to go it completely on my own.  

We were given our sweet Abby-cat shortly after we were married, and I have always teased My Airman that she has stuck with me even longer than he has!  Between two deployments (still working on that third one...) and a handful of TDYs, he has spent about a year away from our home.  {After this deployment is finished, it will be about 1 1/2 years apart.  It sounds crazy to think we've weathered through so much time away from each other now that I've actually added it up!}  
I've always hated the big, empty bed at night, and Abby was always such a comfort to me, dutifully sleeping on My Airman's side of the bed.  She never tried to sleep there when he was home, but it was as if she knew she needed to keep me company.  Maybe she was keeping his side warm until his return.  Or perhaps she was just glad to have some extra room on the bed finally!  :o)  

I'm happy for the seven years she was part of our family, and I will certainly miss her, as will our boys.  Little Man cried hardest when he realized the new baby would never get to meet his dear Abby and he wondered if it would be all right for us to tell baby about her.  

But such is military life.  Our lives may seem filled with goodbyes and partings and hardships, but thankfully, there are many hellos and welcome homes, as well.  For now, we are waiting until we say "Welcome Home!" to Our Favorite Airman and then perhaps, we will say "Hello" to a furry new member of our family.  


JenT said...

Ah...so sorry for you.

Mrs. C said...

I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to Abby. I'm keeping you guys on my "military" prayer list and hope that you are all doing well. ((Hugs))

A Heart of Praise said...

Aww that's sad! God is good to give us pets to enjoy,but its hard to say goodbye!