There have been many funny, cute little things our boys have said that My Airman has been missing out on... I thought I'd recap a few here for him.  {Hi, Honey!  I love you!}
Little Man praying over dinner one evening:
"... and please keep Daddy safe while he's away.  And please keep us safe.  And please keep everyone in the world safe, even the ones who celebrate Halloween..."  
Little Guy sitting in my lap while I put on makeup.  Looking in the mirror he says, "Uh, yo know what?"
"What?" I replied.
Shyly, "No, I talk-a to him!" pointing at the mirror.
"Who?  To you?"
"Yeah, Mitton!"  (that's how he says his name)
Whispering, he starts again.  "Uh, do know what?"
"What?" (he replied to himself)
"A muh-tee!"  (monkey)
The boys were playing "Mr. Wolf, Mr. Wolf, what time is it?"
Little Man: "Mr. Wolf, Mr. Wolf, what time is it?"
Little Guy: "Um, one, foh, ei' cwock!"

Little Man eventually takes enough steps so they can trade places.
Little Guy: "Missa Wolf, wha' timesa it?"
Little Man: "Eight o'clock.  So, you can take 8 big steps, okay?"
Little Guy: "Uh-kay. Foh, sick, fife, nigh', sick."
My SIL, Jessica, brought home some egg nog after her trip to the store one day.  "Aunt Jessica, can I have some egg nog, please?!" asked the 5 year old.  She laughed and said, "It's not egg nog -- it's 'gone ghee!'" (pronouncing it backward)  Little Guy came running into the kitchen just in time and didn't miss a beat: "Ca' I pease have gon gee?"
Both boys love to lean over and give baby kisses.  Little Guy always says, "G'nigh' Baby" after he plants a kiss on my belly.  No idea why, but it's so stinkin' cute, I don't even try to correct him.  Also, any time he catches a glimpse of my belly button (it "popped out" a while ago), he giggles and reaches over to push it in.  
Little Guy's favorite commercial shows a woman leaning over to a man while snuggled up on the couch.  "I like kittens and moonlight, what do you like?" as she reaches over and taps on his nose in a cutesy little way. He laughs every single time and says, "She say, 'boop, boop, boop," and taps on his own nose three times.  {I'm not sure I explained it well, but I think My Airman will understand what I'm talking about anyway.}
Little Man has been learning several different passages of Scripture in his Bible class.  He can now recite John 3:14-19; Psalm 34:8-13; and Psalm 34:14-19.  I am continually amazed at how much he soaks in each day during our homeschooling!  He reads very well and I love to listen to him as he reads aloud in his books every afternoon.  He especially loves to read to his little brother and they sit on the couch looking at different books together.  Little Guy will often get a book and sit by his big brother while he reads aloud and repeat any words he hears Little Man say.  


Mrs. C said...

So sweet! I hope you have a very blessed 2013 and that the time until your hubby's return just flies by. :)

Tori said...

Really sweet. Hope your time apart goes by really quickly.

JenT said...

Wonderful idea. Hope the time flies!