Newborn Kisses

You may remember this first picture.  
The rest will be new to you... 
birth story to come soon. :o)
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Inspired by this post (pinned here).  


Sherry Lochner said...

Great to see pics of y'all! Praying for all of you. Sure miss ya!


photo:britt said...

YAAAAY!!! i have been thinking about you! So happy to see he's here and I trust all is well. :) CONGRATS!!!

JenT said...

Awww...so happy for you! I was just thinking of you and wondering if that little blessing had arrived yet. Hey, do you need a nursing cover? Email me!

Bethany M said...

Congratulations! Cannot wait to hear/read the story!! Prayers for you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Cute pictures! Hope all is well. ~Sam

Vicky said...

So glad your newest little man is here to love and snuggle! Congrats on this sweet blessing. :)

So happy to still be able to "see" you here!


Tori said...

Precious photos!! Hope you're having an awesome week!