{Still} Counting Down

We're still slowly-but-surely counting down the days until our favorite airman returns home to us.  We've passed the halfway mark (a big milestone!) a while ago and are well into the double digits.  The single digit weeks have also arrived, so we're definitely making some headway.  I thought I'd share a few things around our home that are helping us count the days...
This jar has found a home on my kitchen counter.  Every day, the boys get to start their morning with a kiss from Daddy.  :o)  Little Guy always comes up to me afterward and says, "I get a tiss fum Daddy!"  Found the idea from this blog, and modified it to help the boys have a more visual count down of the days.  I liked this idea better than a paper chain, too, since 1) it was not very labor intensive, and 2) who wouldn't want to start the day with chocolate?  ;o)  

As the jar empties, they know they are closer to getting real hugs and kisses from their daddy.  :o)  I waited until we were closer to the halfway mark before putting out the jar.  Seems a bit less overwhelming and a lot sooner of a return that way in my opinion.  Plus, I really didn't want to count that many kisses {too depressing!}, so this made things easier for me.  ;o)  

My Airman and I have been reading a Psalm a day starting from the end and going backward. The numbers don't quite match up since he is set to be away longer than 150 days, but we've worked around that by breaking up larger chapters over the course of 2 or 3 days. Ideally, sometime around the time we finish, he'll be on a plane headed our way! 

Ice cream celebration!
We also try to mark certain milestones with a special treat.  When we hit the double digits, Aunt Jessica made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  At the 50 day mark, we went out to a local shop that churns fresh ice cream each day.  We haven't decided what we'll do for 25 days, but the point is that we mark it somehow so the boys can feel a bit more excited and less sad about missing their daddy.  {It definitely helps Mommy and Aunt Jessica feel good, too.  :o)}  

And of course, you know about my special donut of misery. The donut is looking a little better these days, as you can see.  We're a bit further along than this picture shows, but you get the idea.  :o)

For any military families out there, I've been pinning lots of great ideas and articles and freebies on my Pinterest board {Deployment is Inevitable}.  I also have a Homecoming Outfit Idea board (don't peek, Babe!)... one more way to fill the time while he's away.  :o) 


Tori said...

I can almost feel your anticipation. I'm so glad you'll be back with your man and your family will be complete soon,

Kristi said...

Bless your heart. I know you miss your airman but you seem to be doing a good job at filling the time until he returns.
I've missed you!! :)