Top Ten of 2013

Top Ten Things of 2013

10.  Having a successful natural birth (with the help of a doula and a dear friend).

9.  Welcoming sweet baby boy #3. 

8.  Surviving a 6 month deployment!!!

7.  Playing Pee-Wee T-ball (and enjoying a snack).  What could be better?

6.  Getting to know and love his daddy.

5.  Conquering his fear and getting baptized.

4.  Turning 6 and starting 2nd grade -- where does the time go?!  

3.  Completing his first marathon.  4 hours, 25 minutes, 43.5 seconds.

2.  Finding out Our Airman will be our favorite Technical Sergeant (TSgt) in Feb '14!

1.  Remembering that God is good -- all the time!

Happy New Year!  


Susan Macias said...

Love the top ten and the pictures! Merry Christmas!!! -Susan

JenT said...

Awesome!! Love your top 10!

Unknown said...

Arlene!!!! Oh!!! Your family is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for this email update. I think of you and wonder how you guys are doing. Congrats on baby boy 3! I just had a baby girl a month ago. I had a boy about 1.5 year ago. I love being a mommy. It has changed my life. Congrats too. I saw on fb you are going to be an aunt!!

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

I enjoyed seeing the pics of your precious family. The boys are getting so big! I hope you have a very blessed 2014!

Tori Leslie said...

What a lovely list. Loved sharing these special times with you via your blog. Oh yea and congrats on your new baby boy. You're very blessed!