Blast from the Past

I was scrolling through my drafts today, and found this "gem" of a post.  I'm so glad we're not in the throes of deployment anymore!  I had forgotten about a few of these incidents... but thought I'd share anyway! :o)  In hindsight, I can laugh at {most} of these.  ;o)  Hope everyone is having a happy summer! 

~~~Oh, that Murphy's Law {of Deployment}!!!~~~
 Thought I would put together another Murphy's Law of Deployment List for you... with some random pictures thrown in.  Feel free to chime in in the comments!  I know I'm not the only one who's going/gone through this (including you non-military wives!)!  :o)  

What deployment feels like...
You might be a military wife whose spouse is deployed if...

Your sister in law comes to live with you for a undetermined length of time.  {Thank the Lord for family!!!}

A friend points out that you have a flat tire (within weeks of your hubby's departure, of course).  You had no idea it was there since it was on the passenger side (remember?  We don't get to ride in the passenger seat all too often).  

You actually learn that you have TWO flat tires.  And you have no idea how long you've been driving around with them like that!  {Good news was that one was able to be patched, and since we had a full-sized spare in the trunk of the car, the other was able to be changed shortly afterward.  We have wonderful friends who came over and changed it out for us, so I didn't have to worry about any of that, thank the Lord!)

You have to drive to the vet to have the family cat put down to sleep.  We don't give hubbies enough credit sometimes -- they really do handle the brunt of the hard jobs!  

Your 2 year old, who was previously a very independent little boy, begins to act like a leech -- stuck by your side no matter what -- bawling when you go to take out the trash, check the mail, or jump in the shower.  We won't mention what happens when you try to drop him off at the nursery or leave him with a baby sitter when you have OB appointments.

Shortly after your husband leaves, your 2 year old also decides he no longer wants/likes/needs to sleep alone (even though he does share a room with his older brother so he's not entirely alone) and wakes many times during the night to crawl into his brother's top bunk, Mommy's bed, or even Aunt Jessica's bed.  {Thank the Lord this seems to have finally stopped.}
Watching planes before Daddy leaves
You invite your friends over for dinner only to end the evening with a broken mixing bowl, green beans spilled across the kitchen floor, a trip to the ER (for the friends' baby girl -- who is fine, by the way), and a 3 year old throwing up in your bed (again, the friends' child, not mine).  

Your sister-in-law and the 2 year old come down with the same bug that hit the aforementioned friends (though thankfully, it never manages to infect you or your 5 year old!).

The handle on the refrigerator breaks when your 5 year old goes to get a glass of water.

You call maintenance and schedule someone to come over to repair it, but of course, there are no open appointments that day.  

Maintenance schedules someone to arrive EARLY the next morning. (And of course, the 2 year old wakes up multiple times during the night so that you're bleary-eyed and well-awake by the time the alarm clock goes off anyway.)

You wake up early to be dressed and coherent when the maintenance man comes... but of course, he doesn't come until nearly 9am (so you could have slept in).

The maintenance guy is in your kitchen for less than 3 minutes because all he can do is take down the model and serial number so the new door handle can be ordered.  (But of course, this information couldn't just have been given over the phone.  That would be too easy, obviously.)

The maintenance man can give no rough estimate of how long it will take for said part to arrive.  Because, of course, he "doesn't handle the reordering or delivery."  He just installs the parts.  
Deployment "Christmas Tree"
The next week, a different repair man {the one I can't stand} comes by completely unannounced before 9am and you're forced to answer the door in your pajamas.  (Hey, I'm in my last trimester... don't judge LOL!)  When you casually mention to the repair man that, "Oh.  No one called to say you were coming," you are given a "look" and a condescending reply.  

That night, after coming home from church services, the smoke detector begins to beep.  Incessantly.  Even after resetting the buttons and changing the batteries and anything else that the instructions say to do.

You call the 24 hour maintenance line and are connected with, quite possibly, the grouchiest operator ever.  

The maintenance man calls back to inform you that the detectors are beeping because they are an older model that needs to be replaced.  He can come in an hour (even though it's 10pm already) to replace them, or you can simply unplug the smoke detectors and he can stop by in the morning.  {Thankfully, they did stop beeping after I did a few other things he told me, and he came by the next morning to change them out.}

You are left to begin Potty Training Boot Camp all on your own.  {Though I will admit that little guy is doing fairly well with the whole thing.  We're still working on him actually *telling* me he has to go potty, but the accidents are few and far between these days, so I'll take what I can get.}  

Here's hoping the next half of this deployment will fly by...  :o)


Mrs. C (Paula) said...

I remember praying for you during some of those times. Hope your family is doing well.

simplicity said...

How sweet!! Your little ones are so precious. =)