The seasons are changing around here, and I'm ready for it! Outside, at least. I'm not quite sure how I'm feeling about the change of seasons coming for our family... it's bittersweet, for sure. Part of me is excited about what is ahead, but the other part {a much larger part} is uncertain and afraid and nervous and stressed and overwhelmed... but I remind myself often of Who is really in control. I know the Hands that shaped the world and direct the seasons are also placing us exactly where we need to be.

For once in the military, things seem to be moving about at lightning speed! We received our orders and a class date within two weeks of submitting our preference list. (This is seriously *not* the normal procedure in the Air Force, in case you were wondering!) The good news is, we'll be about an hour closer to My Airman's family. The bad news is, we're heading about twelve hours away from here... what has been "home" for the last seven and a half years... where all three of our boys were born. The other bad news is, we were mentally planning for a move late in the spring, but we were informed that our report date is January 30, 2015. A good four months earlier than we were first told.

My Airman is leaving next month for two months of training, so we will miss his birthday, but he will be home in time for Thanksgiving. What a blessing! Something to be thankful for already. :)

I'm feeling a little out of practice in this military life of uprooting and relocating, but like riding a bike, I think it's all coming back to me.
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Paula said...

Though I'm not a military wife, I can sure sympathize with your moving pains. Thanks so much for the sacrifices you and your hubby make as he serves our country. ;)

A Heart of Praise said...

I'm sure it will be nice to be closer to family, but at the same time, moving has it's challenges for sure! Praying it all goes well for you! :)