New Year, New Place

"Do you think... do you think you can change your mind in January and then we don't have to move?"

I don't think I'll ever forget the looks on the boys' faces when we told them we were moving. The older two started crying immediately, and the youngest cried because everyone else was crying. We felt like terrible parents for breaking such sad news to our children, but it comes with the military territory. 

 The hardest part about Air Force life is the deployments/separations. The second hardest part is the moving. Leaving behind people we have grown to love like family (because our own family is far away). Packing up and shipping out to a new place with new faces and new... everything. Also tied for second hardest part is explaining all of this to children. This is definitely a new experience for us; the last move only had one child involved, and he was a little easier to handle since he hadn't exactly made his world debut yet. ;o)

We didn't choose to move, but, for some reason, this is what God has for us right now. Some days, they are excited about what is in store for them. Other days, they are in tears over the friends they can't take with them. Most days are somewhere in between.

I remember dealing with the same thoughts and emotions when I was growing up as an Air Force brat myself. Looking back, I'm glad God moved us across an ocean -- because nine years later, I met the man I would marry (in that very same country that I had never wanted to move to in the first place). I remind our children of that when they have sad moments, too. But plenty of other times, I let them cry in my arms.

Despite the hardships and emotions of it all, I wouldn't trade life with My Handsome Airman for a minute. After all, I signed the dotted line all those years ago.

Here's to new adventures at our new home in the new year!
Happy 2015, Everyone!


Tori Leslie said...

Hey Arlene! So glad to see you posting again. Sorry to hear you had to move again. I know that's not easy, we've moved 5 times in 15 years but we were all together. Anyhow, glad to see you posting again. Happy belated Christmas and New Year!!!

photo:britt said...

That is so tough. :( Love and prayers to you and your family. I hope this move is smooth and peaceful, and turns out to be the best thing that could have happened to you. <3 (((HUGS)))


A Heart of Praise said...

Aww, hope everything with your move goes good! It's sad to have to leave behind friends and what you are used too!