Getting Settled

Can you believe it? We've been in our new state for a little under three months now. It was a long (and somewhat difficult) move for our family. I know I've mentioned Murphy's Law of deployments, but I think I forgot about Murphy's Law when it comes to the PCS

Between car repairs (those weren't cheap), hotel troubles (there were A LOT of these!), rental issues (Fun fact: winter is the *worst* time to find a rental home), and a few other ordeals, we have been through our share of trials during this relocation. 

But, despite the problems, the Lord has been faithful. We've moved into a new home, joined a new church, and are starting to feel {somewhat} settled into a new state. 

Once again it rings true: God is good -- all the time! :o) And, to think it all started with The Wall.  On the left is The Wall as I originally posted it. The right is how it looked after I fiddled with it some more... and I still never got those pictures put in the frames. *sigh* 
I promised myself I would not wait so long to finish decorating in this house, and I am happy to report that {I think} I have found an arrangement I can keep. Yep, that's right. The pictures are up after less than two months of residency. That is definitely a record for me! :P 

Now to order those last five pictures... but perhaps that can wait a little longer. ;o) 

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Anonymous said...

Aww...I definitely feel for you! Having recently gone through a big move (around 16 hours from our previous home) I know moving can be a very difficult time! God gives grace, though, and as you said, is good all the time! :)