~The Big Ten~

Ten years ago this week, I was working an afternoon shift, and my best friend came in to cover me for an hour... so My Airman and I could get married. We drove down to City Hall in Misawa, Japan, signed our names in what seemed like a hundred different places, and the rest is history! 
There was no fanfare or hoopla. I wore a khaki skirt with white Keds. He wore his uniform. My parents tagged along to take a few pictures. Simple and no-fuss. The end result was what mattered -- I was his and he was mine! ;o) Yes, in case you were wondering, I did go back to work after the paperwork was finished! 
Sounds so humdrum to hear it put it that way, but that's exactly how it went down. :o) It's hard to believe it has been A DECADE since we signed the dotted lines. It honestly doesn't seem possible that much time has passed, yet here we are, celebrating our tenth anniversary!

In all this time, we've...

:: endured 3 deployments 
:: moved in and out of 5 homes 
:: welcomed 3 handsome boys
:: mourned the loss of 1 sweet baby 
:: survived 2 trans-Pacific flights 
:: completed 2 PCS moves 
:: climbed Mt. Fuji
:: taken 1 solo airplane flight (yes, he really talked me into flying an airplane!) 
:: purchased 3 cars 
:: cut up our credit cards
:: said "Goodbye!" to debt and "Hello!" to Financial Peace (Thanks, Dave!)
:: made it through 3 cross-country road trips (two of them with children, ha!) 
:: lived on separate continents for over 17 {non-consecutive} months 
:: and loved each other for {more than} 
     ::3,652 days 
     :: 87,648 hours 
     :: 5,258,880 minutes  
     :: 315,532,800 seconds
Somehow, by God's grace, we've managed to stick together and have fun through it all. I'm not sure why the Lord was so good to give me such a wonderful husband, but I'm thankful He did. I don't deserve the man that I married, but I'm so blessed to be called his wife. 

 ~*Happy anniversary, My Handsome Airman. I love you!*~


Sherry Lochner said...

What a blessing! Happy Anniversary! Y'all are such a cute couple and so glad God brought you together!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for His goodness to you both! Congratulations!

Life in the Midwest said...

Happy (late) Anniversary!! So sweet! Congratulations!!