Settling In

40 wks + 1 day
I've made some headway on that to-do list I posted a little while back

  • Pick a hospital  

  • Choose a pediatrician.  

  • Decide on name(s). {Narrowing it down, but still debating a few}

  • Finish unpacking house. {We've gotten a bit more done, but still not completely unpacked yet.} 

  • Bake cookies for VBS. {6 dozen}

  • Of course, more things have been added to the list, but progress is progress. 
    Between packing, unpacking, and preparing to add another little person to our household, the last few months have felt a lot longer than they should have. Even so, we're starting to feel settled... mostly.  

    In our current rental, I'm trying to slowly-but-surely get things arranged and situated, and there's definitely been some shopping going on... new curtain rods and drapes (side note: why are windows rarely the same size from one place to the next??). A few picture frames. Some throw pillows. We even discovered a great find on Craigslist and purchased some leather furniture for the downstairs! Hardly exciting news, but it seems like a pretty big deal to us since we've never had more than one set of living room furniture. :o)

    Sometimes, I think the best and worst part of all this moving is the decorating and redecorating. I love it because unwrapping everything from the boxes makes it seem almost brand-new again. I get to start with empty walls and a clean slate. Oh, the possibilities and options! And yet I hate it because what works in one house never   hardly ever  doesn't always work in another. 
    Ultimately, my end goal is to make each house feel like a home -- regardless of how long we plan to live in a place. It's been slow-going (in both this house and this new state), but I think we're getting there... I try hard not to focus on the fact that we have barely two years before we'll start the moving process all over again, but sometimes, it overwhelms me all the same. 

    That's just military life, I guess, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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    You are so sweet Arlene ��.I Love reading your blog!